Australasian Journal of Ecocriticism and Cultural Ecology

Volume 6 of AJE, the peer-reviewed journal of ASLEC-ANZ, has just been published, featuring papers from the 2016 Global Ecologies – Local Impacts conference.

Contributors to AJE 6 include:

  • Boi Huyen Ngo on Agent Orange and Vietnamese Refugees in Australia
  • Pete Hay on Poetry as Investigative Pedagogy
  • Prudence Gibson on Green Man Iconography
  • Jane Lee Gleeson-White on Alexis Wright’s
    The Swan Book
  • Tom Doig on Climate Change, Cultural Journalism and Oral History
  • Iris Ralph on Australian Tongue and Ag-Gag Law

Plus, an interview with Scott Slovic and reviews of books from Cameron Muir, Vinciane Despret and Robert M. Thorson.

Our peer-reviewed journal AJE (Australasian Journal of Ecocriticism and Cultural Ecology) is published through the University of Sydney at   https://openjournals.library.sydney.edu.au/index.php/AJE/