Journal News


16 September 2022

Swamphen currently has three issues in development for release in late 2022 and early 2023. Issue #8 themed Particular Planetary Aesthetics Guest Edited by Louise Boscacci and Perdita Phillips; Issue #9 Strange Letters, following our 2021 symposium of the same name; Issue #10 themed Beyond Human Scales following the 2021 conference.

29 June 2020

The Swamphen collective is listening to what is being said about the harms of academic privilege and we are reorienting our plans for our next issue in response. We believe dialogue is needed to create safe spaces and feel called to reassess the channels by which we publish and support the work of others. Swamphen’s ethic of interrogating our power, privilege and positionality is built on our understanding that we can’t see the full outline of structural racism when we’re on the side that benefits. We will continue to watch, listen and act.

10 July 2020

Swamphen Volume 8 will be a guest edited edition, slated for publication in 2022. Volume will showcase the visual arts in an ecological context. The Swamphen Collective is now looking towards Volume 9, to be published in 2022, following the next ASLEC-ANZ conference. The focus of our 2022 issue will include thinking about dialogue that creates safe spaces and stands against harm. 

We are dedicated to liberatory dialogue and are prepared for the discomfort that radical conversations bring. We are ready for our workings to be constructively challenged and interrogated for the purposes of destabilising the white privilege we represent. 

As a collective dominated by white privilege, we are driven by a desire to #handoverthemic. At the same time, we understand that breaking down the blinkers of this privilege is our work.

We recognise that if a largely “white” project (no matter how contingent/unpaid that project may be) cannot attract significant, volitional engagement from communities who have been marginalised, we need to change our project to become more meaningful and inclusive. 

We welcome our readers input anytime if and when they feel comfortable sharing.

As we move closer to the journal development period we will invite formal dialogue, but in the meantime we would be very grateful for the participation of others. This might take the form of informal suggestions, ideas for contributions or other modes of participation we haven’t foreseen.

Please email our collective, via, and we will respond as best we can.