Dominic Redfern, Burr Daisy, 2014. Video still

I am Phytoplankton, 2018. Kassandra Bossell

Dominic Redfern, The Beach at Skara Brae, 2017 Video Inst.


Association for the Study of Literature, Environment and Culture, Australia – New Zealand

ASLEC-ANZ is devoted to:

  • Fostering scholarly and creative work that explores the relationship between human culture, natural history and global ecologies;
  • Sharing information and ideas about how the arts and humanities are responding to global climate change and loss of biodiversity;
  • Encouraging discussion, publications and practices responding to environmental issues and natural history; and
  • Promoting the interdisciplinary field of the environmental humanities.

Our membership comprises writers, artists, cinematographers, and musicians as well as academics working in and across several areas of the ecological humanities, including ecocritical literary and cultural studies, environmental art, environmental history and the history of science, anthropology, ecophilosophy and cultural geography.

ASLEC-ANZ is affiliated with a worldwide network of similar associations, of which the first was founded in the USA in 1992 (, followed by Korea (ASLE-Korea), the UK & Ireland (ASLE UKI), Japan (ASLE), Europe (EASCLE), India (OSLE and ASLE) and Canada (ALECC), with more in the process of formation elsewhere.

ASLEC-ANZ welcomes your participation in the more-than-human world, in these and other events and in our organisation.

ASLEC-ANZ Latest Newsletters

An empty Berlin Central Station. Image by Rebecca Holm from Pixabay.

ASLEC-ANZ Newsletter - April 2020

Since we last wrote the world has pretty much flipped upside down. We hope you and yours are keeping as safe and well as possible in the circumstances. I am finding that daily examples of horrific suffering and terrible politics trade places with signs of hope and possibility as the focal point of my thinking and feeling about the crisis. On top of just the …

ASLEC-ANZ Newsletter - March 2020

We had a small executive committee meeting in February because many of us in ASLECANZ work in precarious jobs or have multiple competing responsibilities. We are always juggling. While the whole planet is rapidly transforming in ways that embarrass even some of the most radical predictions for climate collapse, our collective stress and intensity …

ASLEC-ANZ Newsletter - February 2020

Happy New Year! I want to begin by congratulating Dr Alexis Harley on the birth of her child. It is for this reason that I am writing to you with the President’s hat on. We held our fist Exec meeting for 2020 last week, and it was a pleasure to catch up with my colleagues over Zoom to discuss the year ahead. We have lots of little things in the works, but far and away … 

ASLEC-ANZ Newsletter - December 2019

This is the final newsletter for 2019; we will be back on board in early 2020. We wish you a happy and sustainable Christmas and an excellent New Year!

Australian Environmental Humanities Hub

Looking for another wonderful source of news about events in the Environmental Humanities? We recommend visiting our friends at the AEH Hub

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ASLEC-ANZ is a volunteer organisation that runs on the support of its members.

To become a member or renew your membership please, visit our Join Us page.

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Don't miss SEI Research Fellow Dr @BlancheVerlie's free lunchtime talk titled 'I'm fuming: Smoky skies and affective atmospheres' at 1-2pm on Wednesday 12 August, as part of the Thinking Space Seminar Series, hosted by @sydneyunigeo
To RSVP email geosciences.ea
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We have gotten our Greenhouse #envhum book talk series for August & September 2020 scheduled and it's going to be fab!
Mark your calendars now for these talks on Mondays from Aug 17 to Sept 28 (see links for more information on how to join us):

"I urge you to read this book. It’s clear. It’s urgent. Potter’s work is forensic and generous."

What an excellent review of @emcpotter's new book, Writing Belonging at the Millennium!

A short article explaining one of my favourite new collaborations, The Urban Field Naturalist Project @UrbanFieldNats. @Wingtags @dieterhochuli @Zoe_Sadokierski @andrewxburrell