Grounding Story

The 7th ASLEC-ANZ Biennial Conference

University of New England, Armidale, February 13-15, 2019

The 7th ASLEC-ANZ Biennial Conference held in Armidale was a wonderful success, with very warm thanks to the organising team of Jennifer Hamilton, Kate Wright and Stephen Harris from UNE, and Grace Moore and Alexis Harley from ASLEC-ANZ.

The conference was held at the UNE’s Armidale Campus and included:

  • A plenary panel with scholars, activists and Elders from the Anaiwan Language Revival project
  • Keynote presentations from Prof. Greta Gaard, A/Prof Thom van Dooren, Dr Daniel Hikuroa and Alison Whittaker
  • Opening of Surviving New England: Our Koori Matriarchs – Part One (exhibition) at Armidale Aboriginal Community Garden
  • An afternoon walkshop between two local garden projects: Armidale Tree Group and Armidale Community Garden
  • A special screening of soda_jerk’s controversial and critically acclaimed film Terror Nullius

UNE Organisational Team

  • Dr Jennifer Mae Hamilton
  • Dr Stephen Harris
  • Dr Kate Wright


  • President Dr Grace Moore
  • Vice President Dr Alexis Harley

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