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A place for ASLEC-ANZ postgrad members to collaboratively do ecocriticism: share and discuss interesting links, articles and ideas; crowd-source research; test arguments; find collaborators.

Eco-Critical Connections

Eco-critical Connections is dedicated to creatively and critically considering the more-than-human aspects of our world. It is an initiative of the ASLEC-ANZ postgraduate community.

Eco-Critical Connect on Twitter 

A place to share interesting links, articles, ideas, events and opportunities. Members are encouraged to tweet us content to retweet and share.

ASLEC-ANZ Postgrad Mailing List 

We send out sporadic emails, particularly around the time of ASLEC-ANZ conferences and events, with opportunities for postgraduates to engage with and contribute to the ASLEC-ANZ community.

Postgraduate Representatives 2017-2018

Kassandra Bossell is a multidisciplinary artist, currently an MFA (Research) candidate at UNSW Art & Design. Her research investigates the role of imaginary fiction in remembering an interdependence between humans and more-than-humans, informed by current theories on ecological connectivity and symbiosis. Read more here.